Our Waste Management Centre

We recycle 80% of the domestic and commercial waste that arrives at our Leeds plant - a £7m waste management centre in Leeds that we built in 2005.

Our New Recycling Centre

One of the largest waste recycling centres in Europe, we process over 500,000 tonnes of waste here a year: the centre is a major player in helping to reduce the waste going to landfill sites.

We have 50,000 sq ft of new buildings which house the latest in waste technology. The new site was designed by managing director, Nigel Woolford, who travelled across Europe to find the best in recycling technology. He modified technology found in the Netherlands to build a gigantic waste separator that puts the waste into re-useable materials.

He explains: "This new recycling centre represents three years' of research and product development - the result is an 8 acre site, working 24/7 and employing over 150 staff."

Our Waste Management Centre
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