Plant & Machinery

You won't be surprised to learn that one of Europe's largest Waste Management Centres has an impressive array of plant and machinery.

At the heart of our operation is the Materials Recycling Facility. This is housed in a 40,000 sq ft hanger which, like all of the plant and machinery has been built specifically for this site.

The vast Liebherr Rehandling Machines in the Reception Tipping Area have been constructed from scratch; their huge height, reach and jaws have all been modified to handle the initial waste sort, which removes oversized items like wooden pallets, or scrap metal, into separate bins.

The remaining active waste is now ready to begin its journey down the main recycling line. It heads towards our specially-designed Intake Hopper - this boasts a vibrating Hardox plate, which displaces the waste before sending it up the incline belt towards the Trommel. Standing next to it feels rather like standing next to the running engine of a jumbo jet!

At 10 metres long and nearly 3 metres wide, this is without doubt one of the largest Trommels in the UK. It's another example of the scale of our ambition - a tromeling system capable of handling the sheer volume of waste destined for our waste management centre simply didn't exist - so we designed our own.

The Drum itself has over 2000 x 40mm holes and forces anything smaller than this (mostly dirt and earth) out and down onto a conveyor. From here it begins a 300 metre trip into bays of inert waste.

Within the muck there's often brass or - more frequently - steel. Our Magnetised Conveyor attracts a treasure trove of millions of nuts, bolts and screws in a year. (Not that we stop to count them.)

Once through the noisy trommel, the larger items of recyclable waste - like wood and cardboard - are extracted by hand on the Picking Line. (Yes, some of our machinery is human!)

This may not be the most technologically-advanced phase of our operation, but it is advanced in other ways. Our operatives work undercover in a bright, air-conditioned environment which is probably twice the size, and twice as roomy, as any other picking line.

What's left on the conveyor has now been reduced to general waste, brick and smaller chunks of metal.

The best way to extract those is with one brute of a Magnet picked with ease. Some of metal waste weighs over 50 kilos, yet the magnet picks them up as if they weigh the same as a feather.

The next machine on our recycling line is equally impressive. Powered by an enormous electric motor, the Blower creates a massive blast of air. This sends any remaining general waste hurtling into a container. (Heavy items like bricks, drop off the conveyor into a pile below.)

For the blown waste it's onwards and upwards for the final reduction, courtesy of a massive Dust Extraction Unit.

Dust extraction further reduces the weight of the waste and minimes the number of airbourne particles. (Important from a Health & Safety perspective.)

At this point, we come to the end of the line. All that's left in the Exit Bay is residual waste that's too small to be reclaimed.

Along the line, our plant and machinery has sorted the waste in seven different ways: it has been rehandled, tromelled, picked, magnetised, blown and had its dust extracted.

The waste has travelled over 400 metres during its mechanical journey, to ensure that no more than 20% of waste goes to landfill.

In employing the very best mechanical help, we are pioneering Recycling on a scale rarely seen before. That's why our motto is "80% Recylcing - 100% Passion!"

Plant & Machinery
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