Weighing waste - recycling waste

Our weighbridge is more than a mechanism for calculating how much waste is in our skips. Within the weighbridge office is the electronic nerve centre of our operation - our Traffic Room. From here, drivers are directed where to deliver 4,000 big yellow skips.

We make over 100,000 skip journies a year, so that takes quite some planning. No wonder then that the weighbridge command centre looks a bit like MI5, with our route planners sitting behind a bank of screens!

All vehicles make the weighbridge their first and last port of call, but they stay in close contact at all times - that's because each vehicle is fitted with a Masternaut Tracking System. We can monitor its location minute-by-minute, to provide you with up-to-date information. Something our customers appreciate a great deal.

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Inbound Weighing
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Outbound Weighing

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