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Materials Recycling Facility

Whatever your industry, whatever your waste stream LSS Waste Management will help you every step of the way, with every aspect of your requirements.

We will work in partnership with you to ensure you manage your waste in the most environmentally, sustainable and cost effective way possible.

And because of our extensive Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) this means that if you don’t segregate and recycle on-site we’ll do it for you here in Leeds – a process that can eliminate the need for multiple bins on-site, and save both space and money.

Our waste management and recycling service takes into account the waste hierarchy as outlined in Regulation 12 of the Waste Regulations 2011, ensuring you fully comply with the law at no additional cost.

LSS Waste Management is continuously mindful of current and future legislation that could impact both customers and our variety of services, covering waste managementskip hire and recycling. Take a look at our licences and certifications, which combine to demonstrate our commitment to compliance.


Once your waste arrives with us at Recycling House it goes through a number of different processes.


We remove all large bulky items and those that are unable to be processed due to various legislation – e.g. plasterboard, batteries, tyres, mattresses and WEEE (electrical items such as fridges, TVs etc.).



All remaining waste is processed through our trommel system to remove soils and other fractions below 40mm, which is then screened to ensure it meets The Landfill Tax (Qualifying Fines) (No.2) Order 2015.



The rest of the mixed waste continues along the picking line for sorting, where paper, card, wood, plastic, metals etc. are removed for recycling.


We currently recycle around 95% of all waste received on site and are striving to make that 100% and as such reduce to zero waste produced to landfill.

Biomass Boilers and
Material Drying Facility

In 2017 we invested in two biomass boilers and a material drying facility, which represents a step into next generation recycling for us.

The biomass boilers are fuelled using clean grade-A waste wood, which is recycled from our incoming waste management and skip hire streams or collected direct from customer sites. The wood is then processed on-site to produce a woodchip product suitable for feeding the boilers.

The combustion of the woodchip in the boilers produces hot air which is circulated through a specially designed floor suitable for drying a range of wooden products, which could be chipped, logs, sheets or other formats. We work with customers to reduce down the moisture content in the wood, to specific levels.

We are pleased to offer you the facility of our new environmentally-friendly, specially designed material drying floors suitable for drying a range of wood in bulk. If you are interested in this facility, please contact us for more information and to discuss the service further.