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Trade Waste

These front-end loaders (FELs) are ideal for compactable waste such as paper, cardboard, plastic and general office waste.

We empty the containers with a front loader, lifting your bin with hydraulics, to transfer the waste into the truck's fixed high-capacity container. This way, you'll never be left without a bin!

Containers are serviced when it suits you and can be placed on a schedule, so they can be emptied as often as you like. The bins themselves are easy to move around your site with a forklift, as they have been designed specifically for customers' ease of use. We've also made them at an ideal loading height, with lockable lids. Each bin boasts an 8 cubic yard capacity.

We take care of all waste documentation, with a full audit trail.

Our Wheelie Bin Service is the preferred option for many small to medium sized businesses, such as shops, offices or others where access is limited.

Wheelie bins are ideal where compactable waste such as paper, cardboard and plastic waste is being generated.

Our Wheelie bins are available in four sizes - 240 litres, 360 litres, 660 litres and 1100 litres.

Our Wheelie bins have lockable lids and are fitted with locking wheels. This provides security and allows them to be easily manoeuvred around your premises, making the most of your space.

Wheelie bins are placed on a rental basis and serviced under a rental agreement at agreed intervals. With a flexible seven day service - it's up to you.

We take care of all the requirements of waste transfer documentation to ensure compliance with the relevant legislation.